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Friday, January 4, 2013

14 weeks

This has most assuredly not been a Skylar pregnancy.  Thank. The. Dear. Lord.  It's still a "girl" pregnancy though.  Why they have to make me feel so bad and make me so ugly, I'll never know.

Hello acne.  We met briefly in high school.  I didn't like you then, I don't like you now.  Grrrrr.  

I've lost five pounds though.  Woot woot!  That is a serious first for me.  I never loose weight while I'm pregnant.  I'm sure it's due to the reduced amounts of carbs. I'm not doing it on purpose, I just don't tolerate anything processed right now.  Hey, whatever works.  I will say, if I never eat another egg, piece of meat, or cheese product again, it will be too soon.  Goodness.  I'm a fan of eating what sounds good when your pregnant.  Typically, it's what will make you the least sick.  But I'm so tired of my newfound diet.  Perhaps I'm growing a lion instead of a baby.  :/

I had my first prenatal appointment yesterday.  I'm seeing a midwife this time and am so excited about the birth.  Unless the baby is in there sideways and can't be turned, I'm having her at home.  Not having an ob to turn to isn't going to allow me to give up and have an induction at the end.

So. Stinking. Excited.

Especially after skylar's birth.  That hospital experience was awful.  I really like both of the midwives  in this practice, but the one I would prefer is due two weeks after me and will most likely not be in attendance.  I'd honestly prefer them to not be there anyway.  My plan is to have Brandon call as I'm pushing (which lasts all of five minutes) so that they can be here for the afterbirth and baby vitals.  Sounds perfect to me.  :)

I'm feel like she's going to have brown hair and brown eyes and weigh eightish pounds.  I was spot on with Skylar, so we'll see if I'm in tune this time too.  Sterling, my only brown/brown child has his fingers crossed she does too.  And for the record, we all want her to actually be a her.

We're at a loss for names.

Brandon is adamant that if by some miracle she comes out a boy, his name should be Samuel.  I'm so not a fan and have no intentions of using that name.  I think it's important for a parent to actuallylike the  name they name their child.  I don't hate it, but I just don't feel the love for it either.

As for girl names, we have a few, but nothing feels right yet.  The ones we're tossing around are, in no particular order:


The middle names are Ann and Jean.  Who knows what we'll end up with.  Maybe none of the above.  I will say this is the first time we don't have a name picked by now.  I honestly won't be surprised if she's still nameless when she's born.  Good thing it won't be in the hospital and no one will be pressuring us to get the birth cert filled out ASAP.   Tell me what you think of the names and by all means, offer some suggestions!!