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Monday, February 28, 2011

Misery loves company

Ok, so not the best title for this blog post, but it gets my point across. I just found out that one of favorite friends is expecting too! We already have kids that are only two days apart and these will be around a month apart. We just don't live in the same state anymore, so it won't be quite as fun. :(

I'm excited for her and am sending her all the good pregnancy vibes I can conjure up. Team Blue!!! ;)

It is always fun to share this experience with those you know and love. My sister is also expecting. She is due in July though. We also have kids very close in age. 20 days apart to be exact. Both boys. We're both hoping for girls this time. She has one girl and four boys. She just flipped hers around. Her daughter is her oldest. She is also having a difficult time with this pregnancy and is also planning on it being the last. These two babies make numbers 22 and 23 in the grandchild lineup for our parents. I personally think it's high time they got some great grandkids, but no one seems to be listening to me.

Oh a totally different note, I'm feeling a bit better. Some days are better than others, but it's on the up and up for sure. For this, I am grateful. Very grateful.

Only 29 more weeks!!! LOL!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten weeks

I wish I had something wonderful to blog about. Well, I suppose wonderful is relative. So of you may think throwing up and having no energy is wonderful. If fact, two weeks ago or so, I blogged about winning an award for my wonderfulness. You can read about it here.

This pregnancy has been a doozie. I have never been so sick and so tired before. I wish I knew why. I have my speculations, but nothing definite. Perhaps it's twins. Perhaps it's the Lord's way of telling me I'm in over my head and to call it quits. Perhaps it's because I'm so fat. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older. Not that 33 I'd old. But when you start having them at 19 and you're still having them at 33 it sure makes you feel old. Perhaps it's the diet/lifestyle we implemented into our life last year. I read a book that changed my outlook on the food we consume. We decided to eliminate all animal products out of our diet. I will admit we never did make it up to 100%. On a good week it was less than 10% and on a bad week it was 25%. Though we still feel strongly about that lifestyle, I wasn't getting enough protein in my diet. We've decided to go back to having more animal protein in our diet for now. Once I'm back to normal, we'll go back. But until then I'm feeling better...

It's funny how no matter how many times I get pregnant, it's still fun and exciting. Despite how awful pregnancy is for me, there is nothing more amazing than seeing that sweet angel for the first time. I think I'll never tire of that experience. There is nothing like it. Nothing.

I would be lying I said that we just want a healthy baby. Sure that is ALL that matters in the end, but we sure do want a sister for Sadie. My gut feeling says it's a girl, but I'm not willing to take it to the bank or bet on it. Guess that's my lack of faith in my gut feelings. We'll find out for sure though. Only way we won't is if we don't have an ultra sound. That won't happen. I cant wait that long to find out. I don't want any disappointment to overshadow the birth of our child and I know me well enough to know that I will be sad if it's not a girl. It won't last, but I will be sad. As shallow as it seems, it's the truth.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seven weeks

*WARNING* I am not going to be upbeat or happy in this blog post. Feel free to quietly and quickly click away. I am NOT in my happy place right now.

I have never been so miserable in my life. None of my "tricks" are working this go around. I stay nauseous and nothing sounds good or tastes good. I'm not sleeping well. I'm very short and angry to everyone.

Perhaps six w the magic number. Hope this pregnancy isn't an indication as to what kind of person is joining our family.

Oh and for the record, I may or may not be giving serious thought to reconsidering additional children after this one. Just saying.