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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seven weeks

*WARNING* I am not going to be upbeat or happy in this blog post. Feel free to quietly and quickly click away. I am NOT in my happy place right now.

I have never been so miserable in my life. None of my "tricks" are working this go around. I stay nauseous and nothing sounds good or tastes good. I'm not sleeping well. I'm very short and angry to everyone.

Perhaps six w the magic number. Hope this pregnancy isn't an indication as to what kind of person is joining our family.

Oh and for the record, I may or may not be giving serious thought to reconsidering additional children after this one. Just saying.


  1. I love you, Beth! I am so glad you are allowing yourself to vent your feelings. FYI I was sicker with Carys than any of the others. I was actually throwing up on the highway! And she is just the biggest blessing I could ever have imagined. But I hear you on that tapped out feeling. Miss C is my swan song. ((((Hugs)))) call anytime you want or need to vent. I'm here for you :)

  2. Do you realize that Sadie's twin sisters could possibly be born on the tenth anniversary of Sept 11th? I dont know if that would be cool or tragic....
    Hoping you are feeling better SOON! :)


  3. Oh man! I remember that feeling with my 1st. I swore he was going to be my ONLY child. I was so sick for the entire 9 months. However I've discovered that the only thing I could stomach was watermelon. Crackers made me vomit. I lost 15 lbs but had a healthy baby at the end. Maybe in your case; watermelon could be your staple food? Hang on there..I've heard it ends by the 2nd trimester.