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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Six weeks

I went to the ER Wednesday night. I have strep throat. So much fun. I was also bleeding bright red blood. They did a throat culture and an ultra sound. I have a subchoronic hemorrhage causing all the bleeding. It's fairly common from what i understand. They also did another hcg count and it was over 19000.

I started feeling very pregnant on Thursday. Gagging, extra saliva, nauseous, and extreme fatigue. So much fun. I was using a progesterone cream called Progestacare, but had bought another one on sale at the local health food store. I started feeling nasty about the same time i ran out and started using this other cream. I wonder if there is any correlation. I'll be trying the other cream asap.

So far I've asked Brandon about ten times to promise me he won't ever do this to me again. APPARENTLY, I ask him this every time. Even the kids have started saying I say it every time. I guess I forget. I'm starting to think pregnancy is like labor. You just forget how bad it is and want to do again. And again. And again.

Please remind me the next time I'm fertile just how bad I am and how miserable I make the lives of those around me. They will thank you I'm sure.


  1. Just remember, 7 1/2 more months and then you'll be holding a new little one and all of this will seem worth it :)

  2. So happy for you all Beth! If we didn't forget pregnancy and labor - no woman would ever have more than one! It's a small blessing and 9 months, in the long's a blink. You can do it! What am I saying? You've DONE it! Keep plugging! Very exciting!