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Thursday, March 10, 2011

13 weeks

Time is going by. If you force me to tell you the truth, then I guess I will admit that time is going rather quickly. Despite the feeling that I'm never going to get better, it's going quickly.

A recap of why I'm surprised it feels to be moving right along:

Week 5- started bleeding and cramping, got strep throat
Week 6- was no longer able to function. Stayed in bed all day. All. Day.
Week 7- see week six
Week 8- see week six and seven but add to it throwing up daily
Week 9- more of the last three weeks
Week 10- started to function more daily but still feeling horrid. Add to that sick children and a teething baby
Week 11- start of an UTI.
Week 12- onset of major UTI resulting on a trip to the ER.

So as you can plainly see, life has been awful this year.

I'm praying it's not a prelude to how life is going to pan out the rest of the year. Especially since we're making MAJOR life changing decisions. MAJOR. And I PRAY this pregnancy isn't any indication as to what might be growing inside. Heaven help us if it is.

I went to the doctor for the first time. Everything looks good. Baby is growing nicely. ONE baby is growing nicely. Whew. For a minute I wanted there to be two babies in there but that was just for a minute.


  1. lol about your minute! I am so glad all is going well :) Life is wonderful, Beth! Keep telling yourself that!

  2. Beth, are you drinking at least a half-gallon of water every day? You should be, honey. :o) Also, keep some quality cranberry capsules on-hand for those UTIs. Those things can put you into early labor so you need to head them off at the pass as soon as possible!